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The nutritious, delicious, and convenient product made with the same ancient grains that have powered humanity for thousands of years - and it's ready in just 90 seconds.

  • Pürgrains
  • Pürgrains
  • Pürgrains


One of the newest products from our friends at KraftHeinz needed a fresh digital experience, and Also Blue was fortunate enough to be be given the challenge.

  • Shopify Plus
  • Development
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  • Food & Drink
  • Shopify Plus
  • 2021


Also Blue was tasked with the design and development of the ecommerce experience for your new favourite plant-based meal - Pürgrains.



Also Blue delivered an exciting and engaging Shopify Plus ecommerce experience energetically aligned with the health conscious brand.


Words from the client

Without [also blue], some of our biggest brand hub launches for Kraft Heinz Canada would not have been possible. [Their] ability to connect the dots within a complex scope, communicate clearly and effectively, and stay level headed under pressure was instrumental to the success of our project. We are continuing to work with [them] on multiple projects for these very reasons and would happily recommend to anyone.
Minyoung Hwang Senior Product Manager
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